Education: Global Center for Journalism and Democracy

Global Center for Journalism and Democracy, within Sam Houston State University, trains journalists and educators to develop an understanding of important topics. As an education partner Global Center for Journalism and Democracy has an RSS feed of GPJ stories for students to utilize for journalism and broadcast writing classes.

Integration of Global Press Journal stories
Broadcast Writing

“One of the skills young journalists need to master is how to prioritize information. I’ve had students use GPJ stories to create shorter broadcast news stories and social media posts. It’s a great way to help them understand how to identify the most essential facts.”

Media Literacy

“GPJ stories are a great tool for teaching media literacy because they are usually longer, and more in depth than most news stories. Working backwards, students learn how to identify sources of information and determine whether they are credible.”

Quality of Global Press Journal stories

“Too often, our young journalists gather the minimum amount of information needed to tell a story.  GPJ stories provide a great example of the level of depth that is necessary to serve the public well.  I’ve used the stories to exemplify how various levels of information come together to tell a compelling, credible story.”

Target readership:

“Students and community residents in East Texas.”