Media: The World Weekly

The World Weekly researches and curates significant international news to inform readers and provide a more balanced account of world.  As a media partner they chose to syndicate Global Press Journal’s Special Report: Trafficking and Smuggling.

Quality of Global Press Journal stories 
Scale 5 out of 5

“The articles aligned very much with our mission to cover the entire world, not just Europe and America as much of the Western press tends to focus on, and they helped us in our goal to bring attention to under-reported stories.” 

Uniqueness of Global Press Journal stories 
Scale 4 out of 5

“Much of the Western press has understandably been focused on the the refugee crisis that has emerged from the tragedy of the Syrian Civil War. But it is important to remember that migrants all over the world are facing unimaginable hardships. With articles on how Bolivian victims of human trafficking are being tricked into sweat shops in Argentina on the promise of a new life, and how drought in rural Uganda is providing a pipeline of children for people traffickers to exploit, the Global Press Journal shows its commitment to bringing to light these vital, underreported stories.”

Engagement of Global Press Journal stories 
Scale 4 out of 5

“We published them on our website, tweeted them out multiple times and shared them on Facebook.”

Target Readership

“Educated professionals who want to quickly understand what is going on in the world, but who may not have time to read a dozen newspapers to get a balanced view on everything.”